Here Comes The Rain

While I am here in Korea, I have been trying to keep up with what is going on in Seattle.  Monday was kind of "down day" as it did rain here in Seoul, and my cousin had to go take care of some work items and so I just kind of hung out and did a little browsing on the net.
One of the things that caught my attention was that they were predicting record flooding for the Seattle area.  I live in an area, the Snoqualmie River Valley, that floods pretty much once a year.  While my house does not sit on the flood plain and is quite safe from a flood (river would have to rise 450′ for it to be a threat to my house), the river flooding can make commuting rather painful.
Mike and I had left early Tuesday morning for an overnight trip to Gyeongju, the ancient Silla capital.  We visited the Buddhist Temple Bulguksa, the tombs of the kings, the Gyeongju National Museum, the Unification Hall, and a few other sites in the area.  This morning as we were getting ready to leave Gyeongju, Mike was watching CNN (in English), and they had shown flooding in the Seattle area.  I did not see the video, and he told me it looked pretty high.  I responded with, "That one road (NE 124th) floods every year… The road to the north (Woodinville-Duvall Rd.) should still be open…  It would take a lot to close that road…"  We checked out of the hotel, finished our site seeing in Gyeongju, and headed back Seoul, and stoped at Suwon on the way to look at the ancient fortress walls and gates.
Upon arriving back in Seoul this evening (Wednesday, Nov. 8th, 9pm) I checked my mail, both personal and work.  In my work e-mail I saw a message from the Group Admin saying that all road to Duvall and Carnation are closed.  I live in Duvall.  I then went to the KOMO TV to see what was going on.  They had their video coverage of the flooding on the site.  They showed flooding in the Duvall area that I had never seen before, and they stated that Duvall and Carnation were cut off.  They had stated that the two communities were cut off "this morning", which means if I was there I would have more than likely been at my house and would be stuck in Duvall.  My two cats are staying with some friends while I am in Korea, so they also are not "stranded" and are being cared for, which makes me feel better.  I do hope that things "dry out" before I return to Seattle next week, and they should, barring another major storm.
Tomorrow (Thurs. Nov. 9th) I am headed to Panmumjam and the DMZ for a tour through the USO.  This should be interesting.  I need to be up early for this so I will end this blog entry here.  Will hopefully post more pictures in the near future.
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